AGS conference San Diego USA

Start date : 27-07-15
End date : 29-07-15
The American Glovebox Society has recognized that the glovebox industry and hot cell industry face many of the same issues since both industries are primarily focused on the containment of hazardous material.  Many of the same operators, designers, and vendors participate actively in both industries.  AGS is already participating in a collaboration with the American Nuclear Society to update hot cell design guides and would like to further increase the communications between the two industries.  AGS’s primary method for sharing information is our annual conference.  This year’s conference is being held in San Diego July 27-29, see our website for details:  Our goal is to focus at least one presentation track on hot cell design and/or operations.  Hopefully this would encourage attendance from the hot cell industry and give the participants a platform to discuss common issues.  Please let the AGS office know if you are interested in presenting at the conference and the topic you would be presenting.