The Plutonium School

Start date : 01-01-09
End date : 31-12-09

The use of plutonium and actinides implies knowledge of their physico-chemical characteristics, the technologies specific to plutonium and actinide facilities and the design and safety rules that have to be respected.

The Plutonium school was created in 1987 at Cadarache to meet the training needs of employees within the framework of the development of fast Reactors fuel and MOX fuel, used in Pressurized Water Reactors.

The different courses are for all personnel working in the nuclear field: operators, technicians, engineers, manufacturers, exploitation staff, project managers … Over the last 20 years, the Plutonium School has welcomed more then 2 000 trainees, French (CEA, AREVA, MELOX, EDF, IRSN,…) and foreigners (Belgians, Swiss, Russians).

The school is a part of the Fuel Studies Department / Plutonium Uranium and minor Actinides Service (DEC/SPUA) and is associated with the National Institute for Nuclear Sciences and Techniques (INSTN) within the framework of a convention.

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